The European Warehousekeepers Federation is part of a wide network of organizations and companies on a regional, national, European and international level. With some of them a close cooperation exists, with others there are just occasional contacts. In any case, the world of cocoa and coffee consists of a broad spectrum of parties that all contribute in one way or another to a smooth operation from the berry to the cup, from the bean to the bar.

EWF has contacts with:

- British Coffee Association BCA
- Euronext LIFFE
- European Cocoa Association ECA
European Coffee Federation ECF
- Federation of Cocoa Commerce FCC
- International Cocoa Initiative ICI
- International Cocoa Organization ICCO
- International Coffee Organization ICO
- Amsterdam Regional Business Association ORAM
- Unternehmens Verband Bremische Häfen UVBH
- Unternehmens Verband Hafen Hamburg UVHH
- World Cocoa Federation WCF