In 2005 warehousekeepers in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands have taken the initiative to create the European Warehousekeepers Federation (EWF). EWF officially started in January 2006. The European Warehousekeepers Federation is a federation of local associations of coffee and/or cocoa warehousekeepers in Europe. Companies active in sectors adjacent to warehousing can join as associate member. From 2014 individual warehousing companies can join directly.

EWF has developed standards for the quality of services for the members of participating organisations and discusses with third parties the development of these standards so as to benefit from their know-how. EWF also stimulates the exchange of experiences and best practices between members of participating regional associations and acts as spokesman for the sector in European and other international matters that are relevant for the soft commodity warehousing.

Member organizations participate actively in the policy making of EWF as well as in the definition of standards. Committees have been created to allow exchange of views and to benefit from the input of expertise from warehousekeepers in all port cities that have joined the federation.