Quality seal

The unification and improvement of the services of warehousekeepers throughout Europe being one of the main objectives of the European Warehousekeepers Federation, the association has developped a Quality Seal that is awarded to warehousekeepers that fulfill the criteria.

Warehousekeepers that want to apply for the seal are asked to complete a self assessment form, that is accessible here. The results can be submitted to the secretariat, accompanied by a statement from an independend auditing company, confirming the statements in the form. The Seal is valid for one year.

The EWF Standards Commission is responsible for setting the standards for the Quality Seal. These standards can be adapted once a year, so as to include new insights and innovations. The Quality Seal is available to members for free. If a company has activities in several ports, it should apply for a Seal per country, demonstrating that they offer the requiered level of serices at each subidairy in that country.

If you are not a member of the European Warehousekeepers Federation, you can still apply for the Quality Seal. Send an email to info@warehousekeepers.eu and you will receive a login code. Non members pay a fee of €2.500,- for a Quality Seal that covers all locations in one country.